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Accidents can happen within seconds, but the resulting injuries and complications could last for years. Such accidents can be as serious as a car collision or as common as a fall in the workplace. Whichever the case may be, an accident in Landover, MD can change your life for the worse in an instant.

This is why you need the help of a trusted personal injury lawyer in Landover, MD for crucial legal concerns.

Personal injuries can force you to take temporary leave from work or even leave the workforce permanently. You may have to endure a significantly lowered quality of life due to your condition. In the case of some injuries, medical and rehabilitative expenses could go on and last a lifetime.

Given these potentially long-term effects, it is crucial that you seek proper and fair compensation. This is most important especially if your injuries were the fault of another person. You may be eligible for compensatory damages or punitive damages.

Speaking to a trusted Landover. MD personal injury attorney is an important first step you need to take.

Types of Case We Handle

Whether in Maryland or all over the country, accidents rooted in negligence occur on a regular basis.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has reported on as many as 48 fatal crashes in 2017 involving aggressive drivers. Speed-related fatal crashes in the state, moreover, reached as many as 93 for the same year. For crashes that involve pedestrians on foot in Maryland, the number is alarmingly high at 109 fatal crashes for 2017.

If you or a family member was hurt in a car collision, you should not delay for one day more. Discuss your concerns with a Landover personal injury lawyer at the earliest time possible.

Accidents, however, are not necessarily limited to interstates and highways. Fatal injuries can occur even in comfort zones such as your own workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has presented alarming statistics on work-related injuries and deaths in the country. Five percent of women’s fatalities and eleven percent of men’s fatalities at work die due to dangerous falls.

Medical errors in Landover, MD or anywhere can also happen unexpectedly. The Journal of Patient Safety has published a report on preventable medical error deaths. According to the study, as many as 400,000 Americans die annually due to avertable medical malpractice incidents. Safety experts have revealed how some of these medical error incidents go unreported in many states, including Maryland.

Regardless of the nature and severity of your personal injury case, a Landover personal injury lawyer can assist you.

Whether in negotiating for settlement compensation or in courtroom action, dedicated legal counsel can be your best ally.

How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Cost in Landover MD?

Despite the clear importance of a personal injury lawyer, some may still opt to forego legal representation.

There is the expectation that attorney fees are expensive in Landover, MD and should be settled upfront. Due to this, someone with a personal injury claim may decide to work on their own, without proper legal help.

The truth is that hiring a personal injury attorney in Landover, MD doesn’t have to be expensive or financially unattainable. At Ashcraft & Gerel, you pay your lawyer only when your settlement is finalized and approved. This is what a Landover, MD personal injury attorney usually refers to as a contingent fee arrangement.

On a contingent fee basis, you pay your Landover personal injury lawyer a percentage from your compensation settlement. The percentages may vary, but typically it floats around 30% of your settlement for out-of-court negotiations. The percentage for lawyer fees may be slightly higher for litigation settlements due to necessary legal preparations.

Simply put, you don’t have to pay your personal injury attorney in Landover, MD at the start of the case. The payment will come from the settlement which your Landover MD personal injury attorney can help you win.

The risks in foregoing the help of a Landover MD personal injury attorney are too high, especially for complex cases. These complicated cases often require more extensive legal work. The defendant, for example, may attempt to disprove your documentary evidence. The insuring company may also accuse you of shared negligence or faults like trespassing. Or, your injuries may have appeared minor at first, but have later progressed into something more serious.

Without a Landover personal injury lawyer, navigating the steep legal terrain can cost you more in the long run.

If you’re worried about upfront lawyer fees for your personal injury case in Landover, MD, don’t be. A committed personal injury lawyer in Landover will work to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. You will then have the financial resources with which to pay your lawyer after a successful settlement.

If your Landover, MD personal injury attorney does not win your case for you, they risk getting nothing in return. The important thing is to have a strong and valid personal injury case which merits appropriate compensatory damages.

Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer Handles in Our Landover Office

Individuals, professionals, and even local governments can be negligent and inflict personal injuries on other people. We understand, too, how a moment of negligence can lead to lifelong adverse consequences. With the worst of these accidents, lives are lost and families shattered in a snap. These accidents, unfortunately, can take place anywhere: on the interstate, in a hospital, and even in a nursing home.

Our Landover personal injury lawyers can and will handle your case, regardless of which opponent you’re up against. We will take time to verify your case, examine police reports and medical records, and prepare negotiation or courtroom tactics.

Just as important, we can provide you with free consultation services in Landover, MD. We can assure you that we will be with you every step of the way.

Our personal injury attorneys in Landover, MD are prepared to hand you the impartiality you and your family deserve. Although no compensation may ever be sufficient for your trauma, we are prepared to help you maximize your compensatory damages. This way, you will have the resources necessary to rebuild your life.

Our Landover, MD personal injury attorneys can help you take the most crucial steps.

Regardless of the nature of your personal injury case in Landover, MD, time is of the essence. There is an existing statute of limitations for the filing of personal injury claims in the state of Maryland. The days leading up to the deadline begin on the day of your accident.

Your personal injury attorney in Landover, MD can help ensure that all forms and documents are filed on time. A personal injury attorney can also help if a minor is involved in the accident. The statute of limitations in some states may be tolled or paused if a minor is involved.

Since different guidelines tend to govern various kinds of personal injury cases, you will need reliable legal help. You will need the skills, counsel, and commitment of a trustworthy and dedicated personal injury attorney in Landover, MD.

Get Your Case Started with a Skilled Injury Attorney Today

If you are the victim of someone’s negligence, you cannot forego immediate and reliable legal representation. You will be up against the liable party, their respective insuring companies, and even their own legal team. Insurance companies know how to strategize their way out of an expensive settlement. Without enough legal knowledge, you have no way of knowing whether your compensatory damages are sufficient. This is why you need appropriate representation from a reliable Landover personal injury lawyer.

Here at Ashcraft & Gerel, we take your personal injury case seriously. Our Landover, MD personal injury attorneys can ensure you benefit from their time, resources, and legal acumen. We provide free consultation services at the outset so you don’t need to shell out for initial expenses. And with our contingent fee basis, we get paid only after your settlement has been finalized.

We take pride in the qualities of our Landover MD personal injury attorneys, all of whom can provide you with:


  • Time and availability


From initial consultation to meetings and negotiations, our lawyers will be with you all the way. We understand how the process can be overwhelming and stressful for you. However, we will make sure that you are updated on important developments regarding your claim. Our personal injury attorneys in Landover, MD assure committed legal assistance whether for mediation or in court action.


  • Investigative resources


Our Landover personal injury lawyers understand how insurance companies work and behave. Shared liability in Maryland can result in your disqualification for compensatory damages. This is why we invest in the best possible resources for investigation, documentation, and even scene recreations, where needed.

We can help you deal with difficult insurance companies, including your own insurance carrier. This way, you face higher chances of obtaining the personal injury compensation you deserve.


  • Compassion and commitment


Our personal injury attorneys in Landover, MD are ready to commit to you. But just as important as having commitment, our lawyers possess the compassion and sincere desire to help win your case.

Clearly, you will need to rebuild your life following an accident or injury. The right compensation can give you the justice and ample resources you require.

Allow us at Ashcraft & Gerel to help. Talk to a Landover personal injury lawyer to begin your free consultation today.


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