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Suffering through injuries brought about by an accident can affect your life and the lives of those around you. You may need to stop working in Washington, DC, take expensive medications, or go through post-traumatic agony. Serious physical injuries can also lead to debilitating conditions that may affect your ability to find future work.

If your injuries in Washington, DC are the result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to recover damages from the liable party. However, proving this negligence in another entity is crucial. Certain laws govern the determination of negligence and your eligibility for compensatory damages.

To assist you in your case, you will need a committed and competent personal injury attorney in Washington, DC.

Types of Case We Handle

Among the most important considerations for your claim in Washington, DC are the negligence laws that prevail in the state. For the longest time, the capital has been implementing the contributory negligence law for personal injury claims. In contributory negligence, any instance of negligence on your part automatically disqualifies you from receiving any compensation. Without a personal injury lawyer Washington, DC, proving that you have not been negligent yourself can be hard work.

For motor vehicle accidents involving non-motorists in Washington, DC, however, the contributory negligence law may no longer apply. The Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery Act of 2016 has resulted in exceptions to the traditional negligence rules of the capital. In cases involving injured pedestrians or bicyclists, plaintiffs are allowed to recover even when found to be partially negligent. This is as long as their fault for the accident does not exceed 50%.

Clearly, Washington, DC has had some significant updates to their negligence laws in recent years.  This can make self-representation, especially as against the liable party’s lawyers and insurance carriers, both perplexing and devastating. Thus, you should rely on a Washington, DC personal injury lawyer to avoid possible complications on your claim.

When you work with a lawyer, you do away with risks involved in handling a claim on your own. One of these risks is agreeing to a minimal settlement that does not compensate you fully for your injuries. Or, you may file the claim beyond the deadline, which can lead to your inability to receive any compensation whatsoever.

Don’t take the heavy risks of foregoing the help of a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC. You deserve to have the legal resources necessary to pursue your claim.

Entrust your case to a Washington, DC personal injury lawyer today.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington, DC Cost to Hire?

One of the foremost concerns people have with hiring a personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC is the expense. The typical expectation is that hiring an attorney for a personal injury claim is costly. There is the assumption, moreover, that all personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC will require an upfront consultation fee.

In many cases, a claimant may still process his/her claim but will opt for self-representation instead. Unfortunately, foregoing legal help will not necessarily ensure a claimant the maximum amount on any legitimate claim. This is a huge risk to take, especially with the importance of proving negligence in the liable party.

Without sufficient legal help, proving the negligent actions of another person or entity can be difficult, overwhelming, and needlessly expensive.

The services of a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC, however, need not be financially unattainable. Flexible payment options are widely available for retaining a personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC.

If you’re worried about expenses, your Washington, DC personal injury lawyer can work with you through a contingent fee arrangement. In a contingent fee set-up, you pay your lawyer only when you are already paid your successful settlement. This means you don’t have to worry about any initial fee prior to receiving compensatory damages.

Once the amount for recoverable damages are determined and settled, a percentage will be computed as lawyer fees. In typical arrangements, a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC may deduct 30% of the settlement amount as fees. For lawsuits, however, the fees may be higher considering the amount of work involved in litigations.

Definitely, you will have an obligation to pay your personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC. After all, it is your lawyer who will work on your case and ensure you get paid what you deserve.

The payment, however, will come from your settlement, and not from your own pocket.

Regardless of the personal injury case you are currently facing, it is best to consult with a legal expert first. Rely only on a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC you can trust.

Cases Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington, DC Handles

One of the first things necessary for evaluation is whether or not you actually have a case in Washington, DC. Your involvement in an accident will not point to an eligible personal injury claim immediately. A personal injury attorney in Washington, DC can evaluate your case and determine whether certain factors are present or not.

The first of these factors is actual personal injury. For a valid claim in Washington, DC, you should have sustained injuries which were a result of the aforesaid accident. Your personal injuries should not have been perpetrated by some other cause, such as a pre-existing illness. Second, negligence should be involved. This means that the other party should have owed you a duty of care, but were remiss in the observance of that duty. And finally, the injury should have resulted in recoverable damages.

A personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC can help verify and quantify these damages for you. Some of these recoverable damages are lost income, medical expenses, diminished quality of life, and others.

Whether you are the victim of negligence, assault, or neglect, our Washington, DC personal injury lawyers can help. We have the resources, skills, and experience to help your case from mediation to litigation.

Clearly, personal injury claims, whether in Washington, DC or anywhere, are rooted in a variety of causes. It is essential that you hire the Washington, DC personal injury lawyer who can assist you with your specific claim.

Due to specific laws that govern certain personal injury cases, moreover, foregoing the help of a lawyer can be risky. Certain guidelines which apply to auto accidents may not necessarily apply to dog bite attacks or medical malpractice cases. You will need a Washington, DC personal injury lawyer able to identify the laws that affect your case significantly.

Given the innate complexities of specific personal injury cases, proper and reliable legal representation is necessary.

If you think you have a case in Washington, DC, you must not delay. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC right away.

Contact One of Our Personal Injury Attorneys Today for a Free Consultation

Here at Ashcraft & Gerel, our personal injury attorneys in Washington, DC can evaluate your case free of charge. We will look into your claim and determine whether you have a valid case and whether you have sufficient evidence.

We can also provide valuable advice as to whether a settlement or a lawsuit is more necessary in your case.

Covering diverse practice areas and with valuable years of experience, we have the legal resources needed for successful claims. We fully understand and stay updated on relevant Washington, DC negligence laws. This helps to ensure the maximum possible amount on the compensatory damages entitled to you or your loved one.

Our Ashcraft & Gerel Washington, DC personal injury lawyers also possess the following essential qualities and competencies:

  • Ability and availability

Our personal injury lawyers in Washington, DC are not only skilled in claims involving personal injuries and negligence. They are also committed to being present and available when needed. This means answering your queries as completely and promptly as possible and making sure that you get updates regularly. As you recover from injuries, your Washington, DC personal injury lawyer can also represent you in meetings with insurance companies.

  • Mediation skills and courtroom dexterity

Whether you’re working towards settlement or full litigation, you need the skills of a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC. Our lawyers know how to handle difficult insurance companies. However, we can also pursue a full case in court. This is to ensure that you get the maximum amount possible for compensatory damages or punitive damages.

  • Compassion and commitment

Our Ashcraft & Gerel personal injury lawyers in Washington, DC are professionals committed to helping you get your life back. Every case is a battle that we share with respective clients. We look forward to helping you get the justice and the recompense that you and your family deserve.

Don’t delay in filing your personal injury claim today. Get in touch with us at Ashcraft & Gerel to speak to a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC.


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