5 Lies About Workers Comp | Workers Compensation Attorneys

5 Lies People Tell About Workers’ Compensation

There are many things that go on in day-to-day activities at work. Most people have had a conversation about workers’ compensation at some point in time. But if you got any…

The Beginner’s Guide to Workers Comp in VA | Workers Comp Lawyer

The Beginner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Manassas, VA

Hopefully, you do not have repeated run-ins with the workers’ compensation process. For most people, workers’ compensation is a one-time event that they’ll go through. In some cases it’s not that…

Understanding Workers Compensation | Workers Comp Lawyer Manassas

Understanding Why Workers’ Compensation Exists

So you just got hurt at work, and suddenly you’re told to file for workers’ compensation. But why? Most injured employees know that they need to file for disability if…

Can Employers See Past Washington, DC Workers Compensation Claims?

Can Employers See Old Workers’ Compensation Claims?

The fear of opening a workers’ compensation claim is just the start. After filing a claim, many employees fear they will lose their jobs. Then either that happens, or they…

How to Get a Second Opinion on Your Claim | Workers Comp Attorney

How to Get a Second Opinion on a Workers’ Compensation Claim

There are a few people who have deep relationships with their regular doctors. Usually, they are unhappy to find out that they have a different doctor for a job-related injury. Most…



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