Lead Poisoning: What You Need to Know to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Lead poisoning may not be the problem that it was 50 years ago. Back then, lead-based paint was used for housing and industrial purposes throughout the country. Since the discovery of the many harms lead-based paint can bring to our health, most homeowners have switched to safer alternatives. But if you are living in an older home, you may be exposed to lead, and your health could be at risk. Contact your local lead paint poisoning attorneys if you feel that you have been negatively affected by lead paint in your home.

Facts About Lead-Based Poisoning

Lead-based paint was once the most popular option for sprucing up a home. It was really popular for many homeowners because it lasted a long time and was seen as a durable option. But in 1978, this paint was banned in the United States due to a variety of health concerns. Leading professionals found that this paint was poisonous to homeowners who used it, and those who were living in an older home with this paint could be poisoned as well.

This lead poisoning became a serious threat, especially for young children who may be interested in putting small flakes of the paint in their mouths. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning, such as weight loss, fatigue, developmental delays, learning difficulties, and seizures can help you to get professional help as soon as possible.

Many families began to file lawsuits against manufacturers of these paints because of the concerns of lead poisoning. While the occurrences of lead poisoning were high in the past, this is not as big of an issue today. However, those who are older in age, have older toys that their children play with, or who still use lead-based paint for some of their hobbies may still be at risk of lead paint poisoning.

If you feel that you have been exposed to lead paint poisoning, it may be time to talk to lead paint poisoning attorneys to help you determine your next steps.

If you have small children in your home and are concerned that they have been exposed to lead paint or you meet any of the other requirements above, it may be time to talk to a lead paint poisoning attorneys to help you learn your options.

Where Else Can I Become Exposed to Lead?

Exposed lead paint is just one of the ways that you could come in contact with lead. Some other common sources you may encounter for lead include:

  • Toys or items in your home purchased before 1976, especially if these items are painted.
  • Toys that have come from outside the United States, as many countries do not have the same regulations on lead.
  • Old sink faucets an pipes
  • Soil that has been contaminated by lead in an older home
  • Tools used to make jewelry
  • Cheaper cosmetics. Be especially careful with eyeliner
  • Tools and materials used in pottery.

How Can Lead Poisoning Affect Me?

It is possible for you to be affected by lead paint at any age, but often the exposure will affect young children the most. Small children who are just starting to move around and walk on their own are the most likely to get lead poisoning simply because they are more likely to put things in their mouth. Whether this is loose paint chips that contain lead or a favorite toy from China, this could put your children at risk.

Some of the common health concerns that can come from lead-based poisoning include:

  • Delays in their development
  • Constipation
  • Stunted growth
  • Kidney problems
  • Headaches on a frequent basis
  • Learning difficulties
  • Hearing issues

Even though it is more likely that a young child will be affected by lead poisoning, adults can be affected as well. Usually, this will happen when living in an older home or while at work. This is why home renovation and construction workers deal with a higher risk compared to others due to the nature of their jobs.

Can I File a Lawsuit?

Cases filed in the past that involve lead poisoning show that going against the paint manufacturer is not a good option. However, property owners and landlords can be held responsible if they do not fix issues with lead poisoning on their properties. Landlords and tenants are still the most likely to be charged with a lawsuit.

Research from the National Safety Council indicates that about 500,000 children in this country, aged one to five years old, have lead levels that are higher than 5 mcg. If the levels of lead in the blood get above 10 mcg or higher, they have reached dangerous levels. If your child has been tested for high levels of lead, it is time to consider your options. With enough evidence, finding a lead paint poisoning attorneys may be the best option for you.

A lead paint poisoning attorney will take a look at all the details of your case and see if they need more evidence before pursuing the case. Some information that you can provide to your attorney to help out include medical records, evidence of how you or another person was exposed to the lead, and evidence of health issues or current issues that came from the lead exposure directly. Once this information has been obtained, the lead paint poisoning attorneys will review the records and talk to anyone who may be able to strengthen your case.

Remember that this process can take time. Your lead paint poisoning attorneys need time to review and build a case that will help you. Often you must file this claim in court to reach a settlement and many times both parties will go to trial and state their case for a judge and a jury. The more information you can provide during this, the better chance you have of winning your claim.

Who Should I Contact for Help With Lead Exposure?

While exposure to lead is not as common today, there are still many people who are experiencing the harmful effects that come from being exposed to lead. If you or your children have any of the symptoms of lead poisoning, or you have gone to a physician and been diagnosed, you will need legal counsel from a lead paint poisoning attorney to help you obtain proper compensation.

Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP, have the lead paint poisoning attorneys on hand to help you out. We understand all the legal aspects of your case and can help you build up your claim. We know that all cases of lead exposure are unique and even if you do not feel that you have enough proof to file a lawsuit, we can step in and help you find the evidence for your case using our knowledge and experience.

Finding out that you or your child are suffering from lead paint poisoning can be tough, Our lead paint poisoning attorneys are here to help. You can call as at 844-707-8422 or visit us here at our website. Our Live Chat feature can help you to get the answers you need as well. Contact us today to schedule your Free Consultation. Make sure to contact the lead paint poisoning attorneys at Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP to help you build your claim and get the compensation you deserve.



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