My Story about Being a Client with Ashcraft and Gerel LLP

If you are a defense base act (DBA) insurance recipient and you do only one thing, contact this law firm and get them working for you.  It may sound like a cliché, but it will be the best move you ever made for your protection and financial future.

My name is Chase Sargent, and I am fortunate enough that I found Ashcraft & Gerel, and Allen Lowe because without him I would have been thrown to the wolves.  Having completed time in Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines, Central Asia and other locations, I was in my third year in Iraq in 2010 working on a high-threat protective detail for an OGA, when I was injured, requiring my evacuation from Iraq and essentially ending my career as a contractor. I came home with the prospect of surgery to repair my shoulder and arm, and knowing I was covered under the Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance filed for benefits.  My claim took a bit to be processed, but once this was done the harassment and silly offers began to occur. First, the insurance company immediately started to pressure me to get the surgery despite the fact that I was rehabbing nicely, stating if I did not get the surgery they would stop all payments.  Next came the silly, almost insulting job placement offers to try to get me back to work in jobs paying minimum wage, and in areas where I had no expertise.  At the time, I had a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and had already committed myself, and my finances, to finishing the Physician Assistant Program and Medical School. Of course, despite the attempts to place me in a job, the insurance company had no desire to assist with my education and get me back in the workforce as a productive member. What they wanted is to get me off the company books, stop paying me, and forget about me completely.

Once I decided I needed legal representation, I contacted several local firms who, despite the fact that they advertised knowing DBA told me “don’t worry about it, we have found that if you don’t rock the boat everything will be okay” to “let me find someone that knows about this and we will get back to you!”  Bottom line is the did not know squat about what I needed!

To add insult to injury, the insurance company began to pressure me to settle for a pittance of what I was promised, which occurred monthly with continued threats.

After some research, I found Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP. They immediately took on my case at no charge, and for over seven years fought for me. They protected me from the insurance company harassment, walked me through all of the hoops and legal aspects of assuring I continued my insurance payments.  They shielded me on every occasion, negotiated with the insurance company on my behalf, and above all they obtained my full story, understood and respected my position, and never pressured me to do what they wanted instead representing my interest above all others.  They staunchly rejected the insurance companies’ threats, and openly, honestly and continually communicated with me offering their expertise, advice, and guidance.  In the end, Ashcraft & Gerel fought for me and obtained for me the ability to live my life in such a manner that allows for financial stability with peace of mind for myself and my family.  

During my personal ordeal I have recommended this firm to several of my operator colleagues who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have received the same caring and professional expertise.  

Knowing this firm and their attorneys for over seven years, I would professionally say if you don’t get them on your side, not just for DBA matters (although they are clearly the international experts in that field) but for any other aspect of legal representation, USE THIS FIRM.  I cannot say enough about what this firm and their attorneys did for my family and me.  I will personally vouch for them anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

Chase N Sargent MPA-C, SOC, NRP

Call sign: PAD BANDA

Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

Tactical PA-C Norfolk FBI Field Office SWAT



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