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Being involved in an accident can be one of the worst experiences of your life. A car accident, slip and fall accident or any other mishap can cause you to suffer serious injuries. The injuries can heal after some time or you might have to live with them forever. If another person’s actions or inaction caused your accident, you should get compensation. Treating your injuries may cost you a lot and you may not be able to lead a normal life again. The compensation may not give you your normal life back but it can ease your financial burden. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost future earnings. You can also receive punitive damages. This is intended to punish a negligent person and deter them from behaving in a similar manner in the future. To get compensated, you will need a personal injury attorney in Rockville, MD. A personal injury lawyer will look at details of your accident and determine how best to get you damages. When you retain the services of a Rockville personal injury lawyer, they will:

  • Investigate your accident and help you document and prove someone’s negligence caused your injury.
  • Try to settle your case out of court. A personal injury lawyer has years of experience in negotiating settlements with insurance companies. They will use this experience to get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.
  • Level the playing field. The party at fault will have a lawyer representing him to dispute your claim. If you pursue compensation alone you may not be able to match the defendant’s lawyer. A personal injury attorney in Rockville, MD will give you the required compensation.
  • Handle all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Personal injury cases can be complex. A personal injury lawyer knows how the court system works and can easily navigate it. A statute of limitations on personal injury cases also exists in Rockville, MD. This is a state law setting the time limit within which you can claim damages from a negligent party. In Maryland, it is three years. An attorney will ensure you don’t miss this deadline. Otherwise,  the court may dismiss your claim.

Types of Case We Handle

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in Rockville MD?

If you’re injured in an accident caused by negligence contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You might be thinking you cannot afford their legal fees. That, however, should not concern you. Personal injury attorneys in Rockville charge their legal fees on a contingency basis. That means an attorney will fund all expenses for your lawsuit and recover that money if you get compensation. Your lawyer’s payment depends on whether they win your case. If they don’t get you compensation, they cannot ask you to pay them for their services or reimburse expenses. In Maryland, contingency fees are between 30-40% of the final settlement. The percentage will be determined by whether a case is easily settled or goes to trial. If it goes to trial, the contingency fee is likely to be higher.

Contingency fee agreements make it possible for all accident victims to seek compensation. If you don’t have funds, do not fear talking to a personal injury lawyer after an accident. Since there are no upfront fees, you can and should go after the person who caused you to be hurt. When you get into a contingency fee agreement with a Rockville personal injury attorney the agreement should:

  • Be in writing.
  • Be signed by both you and the attorney.
  • Detail how the contingency fee will be agreed on at each stage of the case (settlement, trial or appeal).
  • Detail the expenses that will be recovered and if they will be deducted before or after calculating the contingency fee.

When you contact a personal injury lawyer, make sure you have a discussion on how they charge their legal fees. Be clear on this before you start your process to claim damages from a negligent individual, company or government agency.

Typical Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer in Our Rockville Office Will Handle

After an accident, you may be questioning whether you need a lawyer. There are numerous misconceptions about personal injury lawsuits. We understand why you may not know what to do. If you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we advise you to talk to an attorney in Rockville, MD.  Talking to a lawyer would be in your best interest if:

  • You sustained broken bones, have to stay in a hospital and you are likely to have long-term health issues.
  • You lost a relative due to an accident.
  • You have to spend a large sum to treat your injuries.
  • You have to take days off work or school.
  • You suffered physical and emotional pain.
  • You’re facing a long battle because the person who caused the accident is denying being at fault.
  • You were not the only person injured in the accident.
  • You received a letter from the insurance company stating they have denied your claim.

Whatever type of accident you are involved in, our lawyers should be able to assist you in getting compensation. When you come to us you can be sure we will do our best to get you damages. At our law firm, we have the resources to investigate your accident and build a solid negligence case. Whether your claim is settled in or out of court, we will ably represent you. Don’t let the negligent persons who hurt you get away with it. If they’re not held liable, they are likely to continue with their reckless behavior and cause harm to others.

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Accidents happen every day. However, if a person was negligent and caused your injury, they should at least pay for your medical bills. Let the personal injury lawyers at Ashcraft & Gerel get you the compensation you deserve. Following your accident, it is important that you get medical treatment. Doing so will ensure you get proper treatment for your injuries and will also help your personal injury case. The doctor’s medical report will be used as evidence to show the extent of your injuries after an accident. Get as much information as you can from the accident scene. Talk to and get contact information of witnesses and take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. The more information you give to your personal injury attorney in Rockville, the better they can prepare for your case. The insurance company of the party at fault is likely to get in touch with you. Don’t talk to them before seeking legal advice from an attorney. You might say something to them that could irreparably damage your chances of getting compensation.

The most important thing after an accident is you getting better. Focus on your recovery and let us handle the legal aspects. Call us today for a free consultation and don’t worry about how you will pay us. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis.


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