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Client Daniel Renz Tells His Story

Daniel Renz, a New Jersey native, moved to Maryland in his late teens. It was there he went to school, found a job and met his wife.

Maryland was also the place where Mr. Renz was involved in a very serious auto accident. Struck by a stolen pickup truck while driving his work issued car, Mr. Renz suffered serious injuries. Some of the consequences of those injuries faded. Some did not. Knowing that his medical and rehabilitation bills would be a large and unexpected expense, Mr. Renz searched the internet for an attorney to help him.

After some research and a few meetings with law firms, Mr. Renz found Ashcraft & Gerel and specifically attorney Michael Lind. Even with the complexities of the case, Mr. Renz put his faith in Michael Lind. Mr. Renz’s faith proved to be well placed. With professionalism and dedication, Michael Lind was able to settle the case for an amount that Mr. Renz and Mr. Lind were happy with.

Watch Mr. Renz’s story here:

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