Lawyer for Workers' Compensation Benefits in Maryland

How to Claim Benefits for Workers’ Comp in Baltimore

Those who have been subject to a workplace injury are sometimes confused about what to do next. Depending upon the nature of the injury itself and extent thereof, employees should…

How long can you be on workers compensation

How Long Can You Be on Workers Compensation in Baltimore, MD?

If you get into an accident in your line of work or during working hours, you should get workers compensation. It is meant to cover any Baltimore, MD work-related injuries…

Lead Poisoning Lawyer Baltimore MD Injury Attorney

What Should I Do If I Suspect Lead Poisoning Caused By My Baltimore MD Home?

Lead is a toxic metal that is poisonous to humans. Lead poisoning is a serious condition that can be fatal, especially when exposure happens gradually over time and the substance…

Is there a time limit on workers comp benefits

Is There a Time Limit on Workers Comp Benefits in Maryland?

If you get injuries from an accident during work, you are entitled to collect Landover workers comp. That is a policy that employers take in case their employees are hurt…

Who to report dangerous working conditions

Who Can I Report Dangerous Working Conditions to If My Employer Refuses to Address?

After you suffer from a workplace injury, the first step is to notify your supervisor or manager immediately. Once you have taken that step, the ball is in the court…



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