What Happens to a Workers Compensation Claim If You Leave Your Job?

What Happens If You Want to Leave Your Job?

It’s normal that after an injury you just want to move on to a new job. It’s also possible that you saw a new side of your employer. Perhaps their…

Can a Prescription Delay Recovery? | Alexandria Workers Comp Lawyer

Is Your Prescription Delaying Your Recovery?

Prescription medication is much easier to get when on workers’ compensation, then people might imagine. You’ve gone through an injury at work which was likely painful. So, it’s clear that…

Federal Judge Hears Expert Testimony on the Causal Link Between Talcum Powder Product Use and Ovarian Cancer

Over the past two weeks, Plaintiffs faced an important milestone in the talcum powder litigation as Judge Wolfson presided over a Daubert hearing. The primary purpose of this hearing was…

Image of a person filing for workers' comp after being injuried due the employee failing to be OSHA compliant

Safety Hazard Awareness and OSHA Compliance

OSHA is the Occupation Safety and Health Administration, which regulates what is and is not safe for a work environment. If you think that your injury came from an OSHA…

Image Showing Occupational Weather Hazards

Occupational Weather Hazards

Weather plays a huge roll in many peoples work environments. OSHA and other agencies can make speculation in what is generally safe and unsafe. But when it’s deciding how to…



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