Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh discusses Lead Poisoning

Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh discusses Lead Poisoning

During 1995 the State of Maryland passed a comprehensive law known as the Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act (Md. Annot. […]

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Ashcraft & Gerel’s Joe Musso Discusses Nursing Home Privacy Horrors

As millions of Americans prepared to enjoy the holidays with family and friends last week, a disturbing report from ProPublica gained national headlines. […]

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Sam Lynn

What you should know about MRSA

According to 2011 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) causes more than 80,000 invasive infections […]

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Government Contracting Fraud

There has been a rapid growth in government contracting over the last few decades, as successive administrations have chosen to outsource many […]

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Keeping Large Corporations Honest – The Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” Debacle

For many years, we as a society have known that our development and consumption have taken a toll on our planet.  I […]

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The Volkswagen Scandal from an Owners Perspective

For the past 8 years the world’s largest car manufacturer has been intentionally lying to millions of its customers, and I’m one […]

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Ashcraft & Gerel’s Nathan M. Peak Represents Whistleblower in Case that Settles for $35 Million. 

A&G’s Nathan Peak represented a whistleblower in two federal False Claims Act cases that settled for an amount that could total $35 […]

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medical devices

FDA Issues Warnings to Tobacco Manufacturers Related to “Natural” Labeling

Ashcraft & Gerel Attorney Stephanie Gardner responds to the FDA Warnings to Tobacco Manufacturers Related to “Natural” Labeling.

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Virginia Diamond

Workers Are Claiming They Were Paid as Little as $200 a Piece for Four Weeks of Labor

Six construction workers who helped assemble the steeple-shaped roof on a new Prince William County library are claiming that they were paid […]

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FDA Issues New Guidance for Children’s OTC Products Containing Acetaminophen

Ashcraft & Gerel attorney Sara Anderson explains recently issued guidelines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on over-the-counter pediatric oral liquid drug products containing Acetaminophen.

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