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Lead Contamination in Flint

Below is a link to an article from Dr. Bellinger in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Bellinger is one of […] Read more »

Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh Fights for Lead Poisoned Children

The topic of lead poisoning has been in the news lately regarding lead in water. The major source of childhood lead poisoning […] Read more »

Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh discusses Lead Poisoning

During 1995 the State of Maryland passed a comprehensive law known as the Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act (Md. Annot. […] Read more »

Ashcraft & Gerel’s Joe Musso Discusses Nursing Home Privacy Horrors

As millions of Americans prepared to enjoy the holidays with family and friends last week, a disturbing report from ProPublica gained national headlines. […] Read more »