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Oil and Gas Litigation

America is enjoying a boom in energy production. New technologies have made it possible to recover oil and natural gas from ground where it had previously been impossible.

But with boom times come problems.

Unscrupulous operators look to take advantage of these opportunities in ways that are dishonest and often illegal. Misrepresentation and fraud occur on a wide range of fronts. Honest landowners are being bilked out of their lease rights. Companies are conspiring to fix prices to rig bids and make them uncompetitive. Fraudulent information is being provided to the government, underreporting values so that the oil companies’ royalties and taxes are artificially lowered.

In response, Ashcraft & Gerel helped form an organization called Oil and Gas Lawyers for Landowners and Whistleblowers. This joint venture of firms combines different areas of expertise and resources to maximize the strength of the group. The five firms gather expertise in oil and gas issues, anti-trust and whistleblowing law. In addition to their expertise, each of the firms has a long history of independent success in litigating cases against large corporate defendants. Together, they provide the manpower and financial resources necessary to take on the well-financed oil and gas industry.

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If you are involved in the oil and gas business as a landowner, or if you have information about potential wrongdoing by an oil company of any size, please contact us.

For more information, please visit the  Oil and Gas Lawyers for Landowners and Whistleblowers’ website.