DePuy Hip Replacement Implants

DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of industry giant Johnson & Johnson, marketed two faulty hip replacement implants, both of which have caused serious harm to thousands of people.

DePuy first recalled the ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement in 2010 due to the implant’s high rate of failure. DePuy touted the ASR as a new design that would last 20 years and offer a greater range of motion than other hip replacement models on the market. The company also particularly marketed the device as an excellent choice for younger patients needing hip replacement surgery.  Instead, one of every eight of all ASR devices failed, requiring painful removal of the ASR implant and another traumatic hip replacement surgery with a safer implant.

The design flaw of the ASR hip replacement model is that it forces metal to rub against metal with the full weight and force of the human body.  Metal fragments may then be released into the surrounding tissue and blood stream, prompting the body to react by rejecting the hip implant.  The implant rejection often causes painful symptoms such as

  • Tissue  damage or death
  • Bone damage or death
  • Fluid collecting in and around the joint
  • Looseness or even total dislocation of the joint
  • Elevated levels of cobalt in the blood
  • The development of solid masses or cysts on or around the joint

The second defective hip replacement implant, the Pinnacle, was launched in 2001. The Pinnacle device has a plastic, ceramic or metal liner between the ball and socket parts of the implant.  The metal “Ultamet” liner creates metal-on-metal reactions similar to those of DePuy’s ASR device. No official recall either by DePuy or by the FDA has been announced. However, in light of the increase in the number of people hurt by this hip replacement model,  DePuy recently announced that it will stop sales of its metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip implants.

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