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Virginia Diamond Speaks at AFL-CIO Conference

Virginia Diamond

Virginia Diamond,  Special Counsel at Ashcraft & Gerel and General Counsel to the Virginia AFL-CIO, was a featured speaker at the annual Virginia AFL-CIO legislative conference in Richmond. The Commonwealth’s three top elected officials, Governor McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Northam, and Attorney General Herring also spoke.

Ms. Diamond’s theme was two pronged.  The first topic encouraged the delegates at the conference to speak to their legislators about the pressing issues facing working families in the state of Virginia. Ms. Diamond spoke to how expanding Medicaid and raising the minimum wage would help ease the pressures of local working families. 

The second subject of Ms. Diamond’ speech was to dispel common myths about labor unions. Some of the most common myths about labor unions include: 

  • Unions are irrelevant in today’s world 
  • Unions are a special interest group
  • That union members don’t care about the success of the people who employ them

Ms. Diamond went on to contradict these myths. Unions fight for justice to all working people, not just for their particular union or their fellow union members. Ms. Diamond also reiterated that in a time where the gap in income equality is only growing, unions are needed now more than ever to help revive and strengthen the middle class.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Virginia Diamond

In the photo:  Back row, from left to right: Mark Herring, VA Attorney General; Terry McAuliffe, Governor of VA; Ralph Northam, Lieutenant Governor of VA; Ray Davenport, Secretary-Treasury of the VA AFL-CIO

Front row, left to right: Doris Crouse-Mays, Presdient of the VA AFL-CIO; Julie Hunter, Communications Director of the VA AFL-CIO; Virginia Diamond, A&G Special Counsel and General Counsel to the VA AFL-CIO

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