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The Gift of Hope: Making a Difference for Each and Every Client

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At Ashcraft & Gerel, our most important goal is to achieve the best possible result for each of our clients. It is especially rewarding when someone takes the time to let us know how our work positively affected the quality of their life.

Below is a note that one of our senior partners, Jonathan Beiser, recently received from clients who were as impressed by his hard work as they were by his dedication to their workers’ compensation case. We’re honored to have played such an integral role in this family’s fight for justice, and hope our work makes a positive impact on the lives of all of our clients.

Client testimonial:

Hi Jon,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to touch base with you, purely to thank you for everything you have done for us. I know we still have a long road ahead with regards to treatment etc and the future is still a worry, but to know that within a month or two I will have the funds to pay for unrestricted medical attention has made a huge difference. 

The last 6 years have been the hardest of our entire lives, and I doubt we would ever have found a way out of this black hole without your knowledge and guidance, and of course up to the beginning of this year, Mark’s help too. 

You cannot put a price on hope, and that is the gift that you have given us. Hope that one day I might just nearly be the man I once was, and the security of knowing my children won’t starve or suffer while I do everything in my power to once again be a good provider and a productive member of society.

Thank you Jon for the hope and the chance to regain some self respect.

With heartfelt best wishes, 

Terry, Nina and the trio of small folk



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