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Stephen Gensemer Interviewed by WMAR Baltimore on Maryland Bridge Inspections

On February 10, Katherine Dean was driving her car on Suitland Parkway under the bridge for 495 in Suitland, Maryland. Suddenly, several large chunks of concrete fell from the bridge above her and onto her car with enough force to cave in her windshield and severely damage the hood, roof, and trunk.

The incident has lead to many people, from Ms. Dean herself to federal legislators on Capitol Hill, to call for immediate inspections of Maryland bridges and infrastructure.

As a result of this incident, the Maryland Department of Transportation has completed inspections of 69 Maryland bridges, according to WMAR Baltimore. The State has indicated it will repair the deficient bridges to make them safe and bring them up to standards.

Ashcraft & Gerel attorney Stephen Gensemer, who is representing Ms. Dean after her terrifying ordeal, weighed in on WMAR last week, expressing his concern over the condition of not only this particular bridge, but the 81 other Maryland bridges that the State of Maryland deemed structurally deficient in the Spring of 2014. Watch the whole story below:

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