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Rosedale Train Accident and Explosion

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Ashcraft & Gerel is currently accepting clients who were injured or suffered a loss as a result of the May 28, 2013 CSX freight train accident in Rosedale, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore.

Early reports are that the train struck a tractor trailer near the 7500 block of Lake Drive, veering off the tracks near an industrial park. The resulting explosion caused the collapse of several surrounding buildings and left hazardous-materials prompting the evacuation of a half-mile area.

As a locally-based firm, we are saddened by the situation and salute the bravery of those who responded to this dangerous situation. We also encourage all those who are impacted by this incident—including property owners and nearby residents—to seek legal advice to ensure their interest are protected.

The legal team at Ashcraft & Gerel are highly experienced in these kinds of tragic incidents. We’re proud that across the country—from the recent explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas to a major accident that trapped miners in a West Virginia coal mine—neighbors and communities turn to us to represent their interests when tragedy strikes.

Contact us today if you’ve been impacted by the Rosedale cargo train accident and want to understand your rights.

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