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Rebekah Arch Miller and Virginia Diamond Receive Prestigious Awards

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We at Ashcraft & Gerel are proud to announce Rebekah Arch Miller and Virginia Diamond were honored with the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award  and the Advising Attorney of the Year award respectively by the Employment Justice Center of Washington D.C.

The Employment Justice Center (EJC) is an organization dedicated to ensuring that low income workers are afforded their rights and treated fairly in the workplace. Celebrating 13 years, the EJC promotes workplace justice using education, campaigns for policy change, community organization, and legal aid. Part of this advocacy includes the EJC referring cases to experienced employment attorneys like Ms. Miller for pro bono representation. Like the Employment Justice center, Ms. Miller is passionate about ensuring every worker is treated fairly and making sure their rights are protected. 

Ms. Diamond has also devoted her career to the rights of the working class. As one of Virginia’s leading labor lawyers, Ms. Diamond strongly believes in defending the rights of the middle class and making workers’ voices heard.

Congratulations to both Ms. Miller and Ms. Diamond.



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