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Rams Head Tavern Owner Allegedly Filmed Women in the Bathroom

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Howard County Maryland police have arrested and charged Kyle Muehlhauser, the owner of Rams Head Tavern, with six counts of “visual surveillance with prurient intent.” In layman’s terms, Mr. Muehlhauser has been charged with six counts of illegally filming women in the bathroom of his Savage Mills restaurant location.

Privacy Violated at Rams Head Tavern

In spring of 2014, a woman went into the bathroom of the Rams Head Tavern in Savage, Maryland. There, a digital camera fell onto the floor next her. She reported the incident to the police, who began investigating in May of 2014.

After reviewing the footage from the fallen camera, police concluded that six different women were recorded without their consent.  Also on the tape was footage of the man, allegedly Mr. Muehlhauser, placing the camera in the bathroom. The camera was tested for DNA in December of 2014. The DNA on the camera matched that of Kyle Muehlhauser. According to The Baltimore Sun, the police also discovered and seized additional evidence after searching Mr. Muehlhauser’s home.

The Rams Head Group has locations in Savage, Annapolis, Crownsville, and Queen Anne’s County, as well as three concert venues in Baltimore.

Kyle Muehlhauser’s next court date is April 9, 2015.

This man’s actions are a reprehensible violation of women’s privacy. Additionally, the nature of the video makes it difficult to determine the identity of the victims.

Ashcraft & Gerel Can Help

While this story is still developing, the facts discovered thus far are highly disturbing. Ashcraft & Gerel can help. We have experience in helping people who have been victimized by being recorded without their knowledge or consent. Last year, the University of Delaware was rocked by a similar scandal. A graduate student was discovered to have been recording people in campus restrooms for over 2 years. Ashcraft & Gerel currently represent victims traumatized by that event. We understand that victims of privacy crimes need immediate protection. We have the experience to ensure that any private images are preserved in the highest confidentiality and are not disbursed. We also take your privacy rights seriously and hold those accountable who violated them. The privacy attorneys at Ashcraft & Gerel battle against sexual predators and those who enable them. If you think that you or someone you know thinks you may have been unknowingly recorded, please contact us online today or call us at 800-829-7037.  All consultations are absolutely confidential and free. This disturbing and disgusting violation of privacy cannot and will not stand. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

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