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Michelle A. Parfitt Receives Coveted Clarence Darrow Award

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On October 10, 2013 ,Senior Partner Michelle A. Parfitt, who is well known and respected  in the world of Mass Tort litigation, received The Clarence Darrow Award, one of the legal profession’s most illustrious and distinguished honors.

Clarence Darrow is one of the most well respected civil liberties advocates and trial lawyers in American history. He is remembered today for his passion for justice for all, dedication to the truth and his clients, and his use of elegance and wit to move judge, jury, and public opinion.

Mike Papantonio, President of The National Trial Lawyers  and co-host of the popular radio show Ring of Fire, presented Michelle with the award at the Mass Torts Made Perfect seminar in Las Vegas. She accepted the award in front of a standing ovation from 250 of the practice area’s best and brightest trial lawyers.

We here at Ashcraft & Gerel could not be prouder of Michelle and all of her wonderful accomplishments for her clients and in the development of the Mass Tort practice area. Long time colleague and A&G’s managing partner, Robert Enderle, said, “I’ve known Michelle a long time. She is one of the most passionate, hardworking, and caring attorneys I know. She is incapable of giving her clients anything less than her absolute best. We are proud and honored to have Michelle with us at A&G.”

In addition to this prestigious award, Michelle A. Parfitt is also a former president of the Washington D.C. Trial Lawyers Association.  Most recently, Ms. Parfitt and Christopher Tisi  litigated and won a $5 million dollar verdict  against General Electric. Ms. Parfitt’s client was severely and permanently injured by Gadolinium, a GE manufactured MRI contrast agent. Ms. Parfitt, along with Sidney Schupak, also resolved a case against the District of Columbia resulting in a $10 million dollar settlement on behalf of a child abused in foster care. The settlement is one of the largest in the District’s history and ensures the child, who is profoundly handicapped as the result of the abuse, will have the care he needs for the rest of his life.

Congratulations Michelle on this well deserved recognition. We are lucky to have you as our partner and colleague

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