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Lack of D.C. Metro Transparency Troubling

Joe Musso Discusses the Issue on ABC 7

On January 12, 2015, a D.C. Metro train leaving the L’Enfant Plaza metro station with 200 passengers suddenly stopped and began filling with smoke. One woman, Carol Glover, died from smoke exposure. 84 others were taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

Nearly three weeks later, very few questions have been answered. Joe Musso, partner and lead attorney for the D.C. metro smoke incident, has ongoing concerns about the metro:

“With the lack of transparency in the D.C. Metro investigation so far, how can we be confident Metro has addressed the numerous breakdowns that led to this tragedy? The fact is we can’t have a high confidence level that these serious safety concerns have been addressed.”

Ashcraft & Gerel takes public safety concerns very seriously. We have successfully taken on WMATA in the past. With a proven track record,  our team of lawyers are ready and willing to stand up to WMATA to demand not only justice for our clients, but transparency from D.C. metro so that tragedies like this can be prevented in the future.

Watch Joe Musso discuss the issue further on ABC 7:

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