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Court of Appeals Sides with Attorney Jonathan Beiser and his Client in Workers’ Compensation Case

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After over two years of hard work and patience,  Jonathan Beiser and his client win a favorable ruling from the Court of Appeals in a workers’ compensation case.

In the case of Montgomery County, MD v. Brenda Robinson, Mr. Beiser represented Ms. Robinson in her workers’ compensation  claim for wrist and back injuries she suffered while on the job. In Maryland workers’ compensation law, awards are categorized in tiers which determine the amount of money awarded based on the severity of the injury or injuries.  There are four tiers in Maryland Workers’ Compensation law :

  • First tier: Less than 75 compensable weeks (Minor disability)
  • Second Tier: 75-249 compensable weeks
  • Third Tier: 250 or more compensable weeks of compensation
  • Fourth Tier: Permanent Disability

The Workers Compensation Commission initially awarded Ms. Robinson 100 weeks of compensation for her wrist injury and 50 weeks for her back injury, both injuries paid at the second tier.  Montgomery County appealed the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s decision, arguing that Ms. Robinson’s back injury should be classified as first  tier, which would have afforded her a smaller monetary reward. The Circuit Court agreed with the county upholding it’s  Motion for Summary Judgment.

Mr. Beiser, in an effort to ensure his client received the compensation she deserved, took the case to the Court of Special Appeals. The Court of Special Appeals overturned the Circuit Court, ruling that the Workers Compensation Commission’s categorization of Ms. Robinson’s injuries as tier two was correct.

Montgomery County once again fought this ruling. They petitioned the Court of Appeals. The case went before the Court in January of 2011. Two years and nine months later on Friday, September 30th, 2013, the Court ruled that Ms. Robinson’s injuries qualified her for tier two compensation.

 Click here to read the official ruling.

Congratulations to both Ms. Robinson and to Jonathan S. Beiser  on this hard fought victory.


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