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James F. Green Speaks at Blockbuster14

Green speaks at CTLA Seminar

On January 31, 2014, senior partner James F. Green was a featured speaker at the CTLA Blockbuster 2014 seminar. CTLA (the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association) is the largest specialty bar association in the state of Colorado and frequently hosts events and seminars like the Blockbuster14.

As one of Ashcraft & Gerel’s leading mass tort attorneys, Mr. Green’s speech focused on the importance of settlement strategy. In civil lawsuits, though the exact number varies by source, over 90% of cases don’t reach the trial stage of litigation. Because of this, knowing how to negotiate a settlement is extremely important.

Mr. Green’s presentation, called Creative Settlement Ideas: A Brave New World, If You Can Seize It, explored new and as the title suggests, more creative ways to negotiate settlements for clients. The main idea is to apply pressure, but in the proper way. One way Mr. Green suggested is to break the mold of a two sided settlement strategy by creating a third side. Mr. Green gave several examples of this unique third side approach to his plaintiff lawyer audience.

Another suggestion Mr. Green made was to recognize the changing legal world. He discussed how the time of personal relationships with claims adjusters and insurance offices is ending. In its place are now national and regional claims offices. In order to ensure your client receives the compensation they deserve, attorneys must adjust to the new world of civil litigation. To do this, he emphasized the idea of focused storytelling. Because the likelihood of an attorney arguing a civil case in front of a jury is increasingly slim, the ability to tell a client’s story in an impactful way to a mediator or insurance company has become extremely important in reaching a settlement.

By thinking outside of the typical settlement box and applying creative pressure, creative settlements can be reached.

Congratulations to Jim Green on giving a successful and insightful presentation at this prestigious event. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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