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Christopher V. Tisi to Serve on Testosterone Plaintiff Steering Committee


In Re: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation, MDL 2545 

The United States District Court Judge presiding over the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability (“Low-T”) Litigation has appointed Ashcraft & Gerel senior partner Christopher  V. Tisi to serve on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee. In that capacity, Mr. Tisi and the Plaintiffs Steering Committee will be charged with prosecuting cases involving potentially thousands of men who allege that Testosterone Replacement Therapy caused or contributed to having a heart attack or stroke.  Annual sales of Low-T therapy approach $2 billion annually.

In 2013, the FDA announced publically that the organization would be looking into the serious health risks associated with testosterone replacement therapy. Some of these risks include:       

  • Blood clot
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • And even death

 Testosterone replacement therapy can come in different forms such as injections, topical gels, transdermal patches, and Buccal systems, which is applied to the patient’s upper gum or inner cheek.

Recent studies done on the potential dangers of testosterone replacement therapy show that blood clots can develop in as little as one month of use. This is especially important for those men who have previously unknown, usually inherited blood clotting disorders. This puts them at greater risk when using testosterone replacement therapy.

 Interestingly, there is a rise in the number of men using testosterone replacement therapy products. As such, there is a correlation between the number of men using the product and the rise in cardiac events, according to a 2013 New York Times article. 

In the most recent development, The FDA now requires that manufacturers include a warning label on all testosterone replacement therapy products to ensure consumers are aware of the serious potential risks.

If you or someone you love has suffered any of these symptoms while using testosterone replacement therapy products, contact us online today or call 800-829-7037 for a free and confidential consultation with an attorney.


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