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Christopher Tisi Featured in ProPublica for his Work on Case Against General Electric


Senior partner Christopher Tisi was mentioned in a ProPublica article for his involvement in a recent lawsuit against General Electric, alleging the company was aware of the harmful, sometimes fatal, effects of its gadolinium-based MRI dye, Omniscan.

ProPublica highlights Mr Tisi representation of Paul Decker, a client who turned to Ashcraft & Gerel after being diagnosed with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, or NSF, following a routine MRI, where he was injected with General Electric’s contrast agent.

As part of his litigation, Mr. Tisi presented a series of examples indicating General Electric knew of the dangers associated with Omniscan, but ignored the evidence to prevent the product from being removed from the market.

Mr. Tisi is a key member of Ashcraft & Gerel’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation team, which has a history of successfully trying cases against the manufacturers of dangerous prescription drugs and medical products.

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