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Health care in the United States is among the best in the world, with revolutionary technologies and practices that have saved countless lives. But mistakes and negligent errors do happen, and can cause frightful pain and suffering to family members and their loved ones. In some cases, it can even lead to death.

Medical malpractice law exists to help those injured individuals. It defines negligent medical conduct as doing—or failure to do—something that a reasonably knowledgeable doctor or other health care professional in that field would or would not do under similar circumstances. It applies to treatments, surgeries, diagnoses, and more. Malpractice claims vary depending on the unique situation of the patient and his or her injury.

It’s important to remember that a bad outcome after medical treatment does not mean that the doctor—or anyone else—committed malpractice. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in health care, even if the doctor exercises the greatest caution. These are called “unavoidable risks.”

But if a bad outcome could have been avoided if the health care provider had exercised reasonable care, a patient should contact a medical malpractice attorney to learn more about their legal rights.

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Ashcraft & Gerel’s medical malpractice lawyers handle medical malpractice claims throughout the country. These types of cases are often very difficult and expensive to litigate, but our team of experienced attorneys has ready access to some of the best advisors, medical experts, and other resources available.

We have earned a track record of successfully handling medical malpractice claims, resulting in several multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts across the country. Please contact us today if you think you have a case and would like to discuss the details with one of our medical malpractice attorneys.



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