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Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP Senior Partner Alan J. Mensh Representing Children Exposed to Lead in the Home

Lead poisoning lawsuit

Chanelle Mattocks and Donna Black have one unfortunate thing in common.  Both have children poisoned by lead in their homes.  In both cases, the homes were approved by D.C. Housing Inspectors before they moved in, but their children were still poisoned.

In Chanelle Mattocks case, her landlord painted a bathtub in the home for the sole purpose of passing a housing inspection back in 2014. Her then 3-year old son, Alonzo took a bath shortly after the paint job.  Alonzo had bits of paint in his mouth.  Alonzo was given tests and was found to have more than double what the government defines as “elevated” levels of lead.  Alonzo’s health has suffered ever since.

Donna Black moved into a house in Northwest Washington in 2013.  During this time she was pregnant.  She noticed the roof started leaking and the paint was peeling.  She gave birth to a baby boy Damion.  A year later, Damion’s blood was found to have twice the amount of lead the government calls elevated.

Attorney Alan J. Mensh, a Senior Partner at Ashcraft & Gerel, LLP is representing both women in lawsuits filed in 2016 against both the Housing Authority and their landlords in D.C. Superior Court.  The Housing Authority was dismissed from the cases arguing they were immune from being sued.  Ashcraft & Gerel has appealed this Judge’s decision, and the case will be argued in the D.C. Court of Appeals.  Mr. Mensh argues, “There really should be stricter standards to protect the children”.

Source: The Washington Post “Numerous children have been poisoned by lead in homes approved by D.C. housing inspectors” by Terrence McCoy, 16 August 2018

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