Workers’ Compensation

What Should be Part of Your Workers’ Comp Settlement?

What Should be Part of Your Workers Comp Settlement?

When you’re applying for disability, there are clear caps. Then when you’re handling a different type of personal injury, there is all manner of possible factors contributing to a workers’ comp settlement. So, what about workers’ compensation? Is it reasonable to expect a settlement that includes your time lost at work, or pain and suffering?…

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Can You Access SSDI and Workers’ Compensation At the Same Time?

Can You Access SSDI and VA Workers Compensation At the Same Time?

An Alexandria, VA workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand the full scope of your options. Many people who were injured at work will also qualify for short term disability or SSDI. Social Security Disability is a difficult program to navigate, but the more pressing concern is your VA workers’ compensation claim.   Workers’ compensation…

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Charges to Expect With Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Charges to Expect With Your Workers Compensation Case

No workers’ compensation case happens without incurring some costs. While people know that they’ll have attorneys fees after the case is won, there are a few costs that come up along the way. Often people don’t realize that fees don’t fit in with their attorney’s fees.   Whenever you are planning on hiring a workers’…

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Decide Who To Pay?

How Does Virginia Workers’ Comp Decide Who To Pay?

While you have bills stacking up on your kitchen table and medical expenses hanging over your head, you’re worried about your Virginia workers’ comp claim. That’s a fair reason to worry. While you’re healthy, it seems like workers’ comp will always be there for you in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  …

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Claim Denial Due to Unexplainable Injury

Claim Denied for Unexplainable Injury | Workers Compensation Attorney

It happens all the time. You take on an injury without noting what you were doing just beforehand. The issue with the Workers’ compensation Commission within Virginia is that they require you to explain how you received your injury.   They don’t want a simple, “I fell” answer either. The Commission wants a full explanation…

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Exposure to Diseases – Grounds for Workers’ Compensation?

Is Exposure to Diseases Grounds for Virginia Workers Compensation?

Many people think of slip-and-fall cases or construction hazards regarding workers’ compensation. However, clear and present injuries are not the only grounds for workers’ compensation claims. If you recently came into contact with a harmful disease, you need to file a Virginia workers’ compensation claim and seek medical attention.   Many companies that knowingly put…

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What Happens If You Want to Leave Your Job?

What Happens to a Workers Compensation Claim If You Leave Your Job?

It’s normal that after an injury you just want to move on to a new job. It’s also possible that you saw a new side of your employer. Perhaps their workers’ compensation insurance company left a bad taste in your mouth. Either way, the vital thing is that you want to look for a new…

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Is Your Prescription Delaying Your Recovery?

Can a Prescription Delay Recovery? | Alexandria Workers Comp Lawyer

Prescription medication is much easier to get when on workers’ compensation, then people might imagine. You’ve gone through an injury at work which was likely painful. So, it’s clear that you need pain medication, right? Maybe not. With the current opioid epidemic, stemmed mainly from inappropriate prescription writing, your prescription may pose a higher risk…

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Safety Hazard Awareness and OSHA Compliance

Image of a person filing for workers' comp after being injuried due the employee failing to be OSHA compliant

OSHA is the Occupation Safety and Health Administration, which regulates what is and is not safe for a work environment. If you think that your injury came from an OSHA violation, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. Accident injuries often have to navigate tricky legal waters, and dealing with OSHA does add…

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Occupational Weather Hazards

Image Showing Occupational Weather Hazards

Weather plays a huge roll in many peoples work environments. OSHA and other agencies can make speculation in what is generally safe and unsafe. But when it’s deciding how to handle changing weather conditions, it can be a little difficult to pin down. Weather hazards lead to injuries, and workers compensation claims fairly often. If…

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