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Can My Alexandria Workers’ Comp Benefits Be Terminated?

Workers' Comp Benefits Lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia

When employees incur injuries during their working hours, get an occupational disease, or suffer an accident due to improper work conditions or their employer’s negligence, the latter is responsible for paying workers’ comp benefits. In Alexandria, Virginia, workers’ comp benefits may include: Lifetime Medical Benefits: Expenses related to the treatment of the injury or occupational…

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Do Whistleblowers Get Protection from Workplace Retaliation?

Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Whistleblowers who know about government fraud and attempt to do the right thing by notifying superiors can be caught off guard by the sometimes retaliatory reaction of their employers. Government contractors who engage in fraudulent conduct can be liable under the False Claims Act (FCA). Whistleblowers who have knowledge of this conduct can bring a…

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When is a Dog Attack the Owner’s Fault in Maryland?

Maryland Dog Attack Attorney

Man’s best friend sometimes fails to understand limits, and confrontations become virtually unavoidable unless some dogs are properly trained or kept on a leash. The consequences associated with owners who encourage conditions wherein their pet dogs might attack an innocent bystander can be serious, especially according to Maryland law. For Maryland residents, you can even…

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What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can I Get for a Baltimore Work Injury?

Work Injury Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Depending upon the conditions in which you work, some kind of injury or consequence to your health may become highly likely. Even ostensibly reputable companies like Tesla are discovering that a safe workplace is anything but a given. The automobile manufacturer—well known for its electronically powered design and semi-mass appeal—has come under recent scrutiny on…

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What Maryland Residents Should Know About a Dog Attack

Dog Attack Attorney in Maryland

The average Maryland pet owner may not spend a great deal of time pondering how their dog might get them into legal trouble. Then again, the average bystander generally has a sound expectation that they won’t be attacked by that dog. Sometimes, however, the unexpected happens and these is a dog attack. Sometimes man’s best…

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What Do I Need to Know About Workers' Comp in Washington D.C.?

Workers' Comp Attorney in Washington D.C.

Workers’ compensation refers to benefits provided to injured workers to cover any expenses that are due to an injury that they incurred in the workplace and/or when performing a work-related task or activity. Workers’ comp benefits in Washington, D.C., include medical benefits, cash payments, rehabilitation benefits and death benefits. It is important to note that…

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Why Was My Maryland Workers` Compensation Claim Denied?

Lawyer for Workers' Compensation Claim in Maryland

Workers’ compensation is a type of benefit that is offered by the employer to the employee in case of a work-related injury. The benefits are intended to cover any medical costs that the employee may incur as a result of that injury as well as any wages the worker may lose due to the inability…

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