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At Ashcraft & Gerel, trucking litigation experience is on your side with Senior Partner David Layton. Mr. Layton has many years of civil litigation experience including representation of victims of tractor-trailer and large truck accidents. Before entering private practice, Mr. Layton was an attorney with the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington, D.C. where he focused on regulating large trucking companies.

This experience means you have a lawyer on your side who understands the regulations involved. Those same regulations are what separates the large truck accident from any other vehicular accident.

If you have been injured by a tractor trailer or large truck consider this:

  • Trucking accidents may involve complex regulatory issues
  • Trucking accidents may involve company policies that left you vulnerable
  • Trucking accidents may involve various insurance policies
  • Trucking accidents usually result in very serious injuries impacting lives of those injuries

Trucking accidents are complex. Call us today at 1-800-829-7037 to find out if we can help you navigate this difficult time.

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