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Ashcraft & Gerel’s Alan Mensh discusses Lead Poisoning


During 1995 the State of Maryland passed a comprehensive law known as the Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act (Md. Annot. Code, Environmental Article §6-801, et cet.). This was done with the intention of reducing childhood lead poisoning. The tragedy of kids getting lead is that it is a preventable disease. Despite good intentions, a major flaw of this law is that it provides private inspectors with the task of inspecting and certifying old housing as being either lead safe or lead free. These private inspectors have a business where they are paid by the landlords to inspect their homes, and either “pass” or “fail” the property. This is recipe for disaster, in that many landlords will not continue to pay an inspector who constantly “fails” them. Case in point is the recent investigation by the Maryland Department of the Environment as reported by the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post.  Click here to read The Baltimore Sun’s January 29, 2016 article.

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