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DUI Arrests During New Years in Baltimore, Maryland

What to Do When New Year’s Eve in Baltimore Ends with a DUI Arrests

Driving under the influence is a common occurrence in the United States, and can sometimes have tragic results. According to the National […]

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Dog Attack Attorney in Maryland

What Maryland Residents Should Know About a Dog Attack

The average Maryland pet owner may not spend a great deal of time pondering how their dog might get them into legal […]

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Workers' Comp Attorney in Washington D.C.

What Do I Need to Know About Workers’ Comp in Washington D.C.?

Workers’ compensation refers to benefits provided to injured workers to cover any expenses that are due to an injury that they incurred […]

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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Maryland

What Should I Do if My Maryland Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Compensation?

All employers in Washington, DC are required to carry workers’ compensation. It is a compulsory requirement for all businesses that employ one […]

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Lawyer for Workers' Compensation Claim in Maryland

Why Was My Maryland Workers` Compensation Claim Denied?

Workers’ compensation is a type of benefit that is offered by the employer to the employee in case of a work-related injury. […]

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Lawyer for Workers' Compensation Act in Maryland

What Are the Conditions for Medical Care Under the Workers’ Compensation Act in Maryland?

All employees in Alexandria, VA, are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers are required to report the injury to their employer as […]

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Seller Financed Home Ownership: A Dream or Nightmare

by Alan J. Mensh, Esq. The media reports, after an investigation revealed some homes offered on a rent-to-own basis had lead paint, […]

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Nursing Home Facility Agrees to Largest False Claims Act Settlement

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced last week that Life Care Centers of America, a nursing home chain, has agreed […]

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Maryland False Claims Act

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Maryland False Claims Act. Passed with near-unanimous support (46-1) the Maryland False Claims Act […]

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Another Metro smoke-related incident

Metro Red Line Train Incident Another Metro smoke-related incident occured on Saturday, April 23, 2016, as an outbound eight car Metro Red […]

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