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For 60 years, Ashcraft & Gerel has prided itself on providing the best possible counsel to our clients. Now, in the expanding field of whistleblower law, our dedicated team is raising the bar.

The qui tam team is here, ready and willing to help you understand your case and develop it into the best it can possibly be before presenting it to the Department of Justice for possible intervention.

However, the government, for a number of reasons, cannot intervene in and pursue every whistleblower case. Ashcraft & Gerel’s whistleblower attorneys are uniquely qualified to litigate non-intervened cases.

We know and appreciate how much you’ve put on the line to ensure that justice is served. Our goal is not only to seek justice for the taxpayers and federal government, but also to ensure the well being of our clients. Because of this, we’ll put just as much—and more—down, working closely with you during each stage of this process.

Common Whistleblower Areas

Pharmaceutical and Device Fraud. Pharmaceutical companies have millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars at stake in the development and marketing of new drugs. Patients’ best interests can often be lost in the drive for profit. Ashcraft & Gerel is deeply familiar with the pharmaceutical industry and the regulations surrounding common areas of fraud. We are committed to protecting those who want to protect consumers by revealing instances of off-label marketing, kickbacks, scientific study fraud, or other instances of pharmaceutical and device fraud within the organizations they work for. For more information, please visit  our pharmaceutical and device fraud page.

Health Care Fraud. Health care fraud is in the news virtually every day. Cases range from providers delivering unnecessary medical procedures to billing for services not rendered to “upcoding” services to a higher level of service to increase revenues. Health care fraud costs the government, and by extension us as taxpayers, about $60 billion a year. Ashcraft & Gerel has significant expertise with identifying and litigating against health care fraud.

Government Contracting Fraud. There has been a rapid growth in government contracting over the last few decades, as successive administrations have chosen to outsource many government functions. With this growth has come increased opportunity for contracting fraud, where contractors mismanage government money or power, or fraudulently provide services or products. Government contract fraud hurts taxpayers and the government.

Securities and Exchange Commission Fraud. In 2010, the SEC introduced a whistleblower program targeting violations of federal securities laws that defraud investors. Though similar to the False Claims Act’s whistleblower program, the SEC program has some important differences. When a claim is filed under the False Claims Act, the damages are limited to the money the government has lost as a result of the fraud. If a company is found liable for violating securities law, the company may have to disgorge profits or repay investors for losses incurred because of the fraud. For an SEC whistleblower to receive a share of a settlement or judgment in an SEC case, the amount recovered by the SEC must exceed $1 million. Visit our SEC fraud page to learn more.


We understand that many people hesitate to report fraud for fear of losing their jobs and livelihoods, and we recognize how much courage is necessary to take a stand and do the right thing.

We can offer you some reassurance: it is illegal for an employer to harass, demote, withhold wages, fire, or retaliate in any way against an employee who has chosen to speak to company superiors or outside legal counsel about suspected fraud (31 U.S.C. §3730(h)). Our goal is not only to seek justice for the taxpayers and government, but to ensure the well being of our clients. Before you report fraud within your company, you should make sure that you do so in a way that is fully protected. Consulting an attorney beforehand can help boost your confidence and arm you with knowledge of your rights.

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